Dr. Haxton treats patients beginning in the late teenage years. She provides both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy (therapy and medication), combined appropriately for each individual patient. In addition to the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, Dr. Haxton provides alternative therapies including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Dr. Haxton may also help you with parent-child conflict, school adjustment, marriage and relationship difficulties, and stage of life adaptation.

Dr. Haxton provides diagnostic evaluation, second opinions, and collaboration with primary care providers and medical specialists.

Dr. Haxton treats women, men and LGBTQ people. She treats patients with depression, bipolar disorder, (manic-depression), generalized anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, phobias, psychotic illness, somatoform disorders, pain syndromes, self-destructive or self-injurious behavior, grief and personality disorders. Dr. Haxton has expert knowledge and experience in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr. Haxton also treats patients with substance abuse and addiction disorders.

Dr. Haxton has a special interest in the interplay between medical illness and psychiatric illness. She has particular expertise in the care of women, especially in the way that reproductive stage of life both impacts existing psychiatric illness and may precipitate new illness. Dr. Haxton treats women of all ages with problems related to menstrual mood disruption, fertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, postpartum illness, breastfeeding, childrearing, menopause and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Haxton treats patients with issues related to body image, sexual orientation, gender identity, obesity and eating disorders.

Dr. Haxton is strongly committed to a holistic and integrative approach to the care of her patients and works to incorporate principles of healthy living into the treatment. She will provide nutritional guidance and help her patients establish appropriate diet, exercise, and sleep habits.

"Dr. Haxton is a caring, intelligent doctor who knows her patients and provides them with care that meets their individual needs. I strongly believe that she has turned my life around. Consequently, I have returned to a happy and productive life with depression far behind me. I strongly recommend her for any psychiatric problem you might have. In fact, I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs to improve their lives and find happiness again."

"My privacy was protected. I felt comfortable and at ease in this elegant home-like setting"

"I felt respected and understood"