Going it alone is hard work. For over 25 years Dr. Haxton has been practicing the art of psychotherapy. With an eclectic approach that is both integrative and holistic in nature, the treatment goal is to actualize your strengths. You will work together to identify  thoughts and feelings regarding both formative life experiences and your current issues and conflicts. As a team,  this knowledge is applied with the goal of helping you achieve your very highest and happiest level of function.

Dr. Haxton has always had a special interest in the  unique psychiatric needs of women. 


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Dr. Haxton treats patients with a wide range of psychiatric illness. She has expertise in the treatment of complex, severe and refractory illness utilizing state-of-the-art psychopharmacological approaches.


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This is a breakthrough FDA approved treatment for depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive treatment with no drugs and no long term side effects based on magnetic stimulation of the part of the brain associated with depression. The procedure has been utilized since 1985 and is widely used for research and in clinical care. The patient can leave the office and return to their daily activities immediately following the treatment. This is a treatment for depression that has not responded adequately to medication, for individuals suffering from intolerable  medication side effects, or  patients simply seeking drug-free treatment.                                        100% cure should always be the goal.