“I felt respected and understood”

Dr. Haxton completed her psychiatric training at Cornell University in New York City ( now Weill Cornell Medicine) in 1993. She moved to Syracuse N.Y. at that time for her husband to accept a professorship at Syracuse University, and has never left! She raised three children here; now successful young adults. Dr. Haxton is a board certified psychiatrist and has had a solo private practice since that time. She has longstanding relationships with many of her patients and has supported them through many phases of their lives. In fact, she continues to treat many of her original patients and has worked closely with them through jobs, marriages, childrearing, divorces, career changes and becoming senior citizens.  She has worked with teens through their late adolescence, on into college, graduate school, professional school, first jobs and establishing life partnerships.


Dr. Haxton has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and  a Masters degree in Nursing. She worked and taught as a Family Nurse Practitioner before attending medical school at George Washington University and New York Medical College.

Dr. Haxton is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

“My privacy was protected. I felt comfortable and at ease in this elegant home-like setting”

Dr. Haxton has a special interest in the interplay between medical illness and psychiatric illness. She has particular expertise in the care of women, especially in the way that  reproductive stage of life both impacts existing psychiatric illness and may precipitate new illness. Dr. Haxton treats many women of all ages with problems related to sexual dysfunction,  menstrual mood disruption, fertility, pregnancy,  breastfeeding, childrearing, pregnancy loss, menopause, and sexual orientation.

Dr. Haxton is strongly committed to a holistic and integrative approach to the care of her patients and works to incorporate principles of healthy living into the  treatment.





Dr. Haxton provides Consultation, Evaluation and Treatment.

Dr. Haxton conducts Independent Medical Exams.

Dr. Haxton serves as an Expert Witness in legal cases.